Easy Fix for Swollen Eyes

When I’m on the road the rental cars cause my eyes to swell (I’m slightly allergic to that new car smell) and it is particularly obvious in the morning when I wake up. I used to go get ice before I went to bed so I’d have it to get the swelling down the next morning. There are several problems with this. In many cases the ice melts before the morning. It’s also hard to hold the cold ice to my eyes without dropping the cubes. So I came up with something much better. Just wet down a wash cloth and put it in the little refrigerator. Its icy cold in the morning and is easy to use. Great idea for the home front too.


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Prioritize Your Prioritizing

I finally started a big project that I had been pushing off for quite a while. It felt great to get started and see progress. That lasted about two minutes and then I started to get stressed about another task I had to do and hadn’t started. I caught myself and realized that was not the priority at the moment. The priority was to stay on this task and give myself credit for what I’d done and finish up the rest of that project. I made a decision not to even start the other task until two weeks from now. . .Too often we start to worry about another challenge before we even finish what we are now doing. When we do this we are not prioritizing we are just driving ourselves crazy.



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Quick Judgement can be Embarrassing

I was waiting in line at the post office when a man came through the doors and was obviously going to cut into the line in front of everyone else. This is one of my pet peeves; what makes him so special. He did just that and looked at the clerk and said: “Someone left this cell phone on the table, can you check and see who that might be?” Well guess what; it was me. Thank heavens for that man’s persistence and good will. It saved me a lot of money and aggravation. I’ll try and remember this the next time someone breaks in line.


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Obstacles on the Path

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

                        ~Michael Jordan

Michael’s words cause me to think about the many times in the past when I let the obstacles slow me down and at times stop me. I had given my power to the obstacles. It was only when I chose to heed the advice suggested above that I reclaimed my power, clearing the obstacle (perceived or real) from my path. I realize that this was another way  my strength and courage served me.

What about you. Are you taking charge of your life? Or are you allowing the obstacles to keep down or playing small?


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The fun was killing me

I am getting ready to leave town and I feel like life is zooming by me. Then I realized in the past week everything I’ve done has been fun with family and friends. My brother came in town last weekend with his family; I thoroughly enjoy being with them. Then I left on Monday to see a life-long friend for several days. Once I realized I have been with people who are very important to me, it didn’t seem so bad packing for a business trip. Once again it pays to look back and see where you are spending your time. Your life may be a lot better than you think.


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Solstice: Seasons of Change and Transition

The season of change and transition is upon us once again. Though some of you may be thinking that change and transition are a constant in/for your lives. That may be true.

On many levels solstice reminds us of the old falling away and new beginnings.

Reflection and acknowledgement of what has been along with contemplation of what you would like to emerge in and for your life are two ways to make the most of this time.

May you enjoy the beauty and blessings accompanying this Solstice season.


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Mark Your Calendar Now

We’re pleased to announce an in-person Climbing Mt. Overwhelm workshop. Mark your calendars now so you can get what you need to successfully make your climb.

What: Climbing Mt. Overwhelm…on YOUR terms workshop

When: Sunday, October 20, 2013,  1-3:30pm

Where: Garden Park Unity Church, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd.,  Cincinnati,OH 45239

Your Guides: Antoinette Webster & Kaye Schallick

Cost: Love Offering

Here’s some of what we’ll experience:

  • Choose YOUR slice of Life
  • Discover the ABC’s of Work/Life Balance
  • Tame procrastination
  • Claim YOUR stress relief
  • Make fun part of your plan
  • Determine what a balanced life means for you

Yes! You can keep the energy, zest and balance you desire when you choose to live life on your terms.

We look forward to seeing you there.

 Antoinette & Kaye

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Be careful of what you put in your tea!

Antoinette gave me some spices she grew in her yard; parsley and spearmint I took out the spearmint and put it in my tea but it really didn’t make a lot of impact. Later I decided to make some potatoes and wanted to put in some of the fresh parsley. When I opened up the bag I was pleasantly shocked to find what was actually the spearmint – not the parsley. I accidentally had put parsley in my tea!

The situation is funny but very true. How many times do we think we understand someone or something and we’ve totally got it wrong. In essence we’ve got completely the wrong spice or idea about the situation due to not taking the time to communicate. Better to take some time and smell the spice before we act. Your tea of life will taste much better!

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Take the two step approach to get through illness

Recently I became ill and got medication.  Even though I felt very bad I had several things I had to do.  I decided I couldn’t do very much but settled on doing just two things to get something done.  I sent an email out and did an expense account.  That was it; then I went back to bed.  I decided I’d do two more things when I got up.

Even though these things were small it gave me some control over my life when I had to face illness.  Give the two step approach a try and don’t push too much when you’re fighting physical or even emotional challenges.


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Your smile can get you great service

I was teaching in Washington DC.  DC is a tough place to find a parking space, and I wasn’t staying at the hotel where I was teaching.  I got up very early to try and beat the traffic; it worked.  I pulled into the hotel and actually found a parking place in the lot.  I wasn’t sure the hotel would let me park there – normally they only let overnight guests use the parking facility.

When I entered the hotel lobby I could see a long stretch before I actually got to the lady at the front desk.  I decided to go in with a smile and ask if I could use their lot.  I figured the worse that could happen is that they would say no.   I know from staying at the hotel the normal rate is $30 a night.  This is actually a very reasonable rate for the D.C. area.  She said I could stay in the space and she could let me have it for $15.  I then told her how much I like the hotel and wished I could have stayed there but was told there was no room.  She was very surprised and said they could have accommodated me.   She felt so bad about it she said the parking was free.

I always find your first impression is huge.  A smile cost nothing and in this case it saved me $30.  Keep smiling!


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